Final Logo

MSC BW final logo

First Scribbles

MSC BW first scribbles

Presentation description

DesignZoo MSCBW Logo development presentation


MSC BW Construction based on geometric shapes


MSCBW porpotion of the individual sizes

Written-Out Logo


Project Description

This logo and the logo animation emerged from a student contest as part of a Graphic-Arts course. The logo is for an upcoming startup company that allows the media industry to utilize the power of the Supercomputer based in Stuttgart.

The goal of the comply is, to give the Media Industry in Stuttgart new possibilities with there rendering and calculation power. With their performance, they wanna make it easier for VFX companies like Pixomondo or Mackevision to create and develop new worlds and sceneries for their clients. So my design incorporates a stylized flying spaceship that symbolizes the high-speed technology of the HLRS (the Supercomputer of Baden-Württemberg) which reaches out to explore new worlds for the media industry.

  • Project-Type: Concept,  Development, Realization, Animation
  • Tools Illustrator, After Effects
  • Project Year 2016